Choose your website

You won’t get a price lower than us from a Private Limited Company in India. We also host and maintain your website at lowest price.

  • E-Commerce Website

    Sell your products, process orders, accept payments, manage shipping all on your website.

  • Booking Website

    List rooms of your Homestay or Hotels and let customers book rooms, manage bookings and accept payments.

  • News Website

    Share news and stories on the website. We will also help in managing traffic and SEO for gaining more visitors to your website.

humongous developers - type of websites
  • Blogging Website

    Need a blogging website? We will also help in managing traffic and SEO for gaining more visitors to your website.

  • Business / NGO / Educational

    Let your website serve as a space to provide general information about your company. Showcase your product or service and attract more customers.

  • Any Website

    No matter what kind of website you need, we will build it. We make sure, that your website looks professional which will attract more customers.

Why Hire Us?

Building a website is just the start. The success of your website will depend on how you host it, manage it, market it, drive traffic to it, SEO and much more.

We Host in VPS Server

We host all our websites on a VPS Server which will be much faster and can handle much more traffic than a Shared Hosting.

24/7 Support

A website needs to be online each and every time. We provide 24/7 support. Contact us anytime your need our service.

Exclusive Design

All our website will be Mobile Responsive. We make sure that your website is secure and looks professional and attractive.

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More of our Services

Once we have built your website, you can pay for these extra services at the end of the month instead of paying upfront.

Graphics Designing

Logo, Social Media Posts, YouTube Thumbnails, Stories Posts and much more.

Social Media Management

We manage and create contents on your social pages to stay connected with your customers.


Visitors don’t just come to your website or your social pages. You need to market it properly and get your business seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information or to discuss about your project just contact us. We would be happy to help and give you our suggestions and clear your doubts.

No. Once your website is built, you do not have to pay us anymore for the website. In future, if you want to add new features, make changes to the pages or want a completely new design, only then you have to pay us to make the necessary changes as per your requirements.

Yes. Your website will be dynamic and you can make changes to any and all the images and other contents on the website. We will teach you how to do it and will be there for you when you need our help.

Yes. You need to buy a Domain and Hosting server. For example – When you buy a mobile, you need a SIM card and a monthly recharge plans for it to work. Similarly, here, ‘Website’ is the mobile, ‘Domain’ is the SIM card and ‘Hosting’ is the monthly recharge plan.

Domain costs around Rs 2000/- yearly with privacy protection and Hosting depends on the hosting type, speed, RAM, storage, transfer, etc that you want. So, it can cost as low as Rs 500 per month to thousands of dollars per month.

We host your website on a VPS server as well as manage it for at just Rs 750/ month.

You have to provide us images of your services/products that you want to upload to the website and texts for the About Us, Services, Contact and other pages that you want to list on the website.

Of course. You can research and buy Domain and Hosting yourself. Shared hosting do not provide root access to the user. There are many limitation for increasing the upload size and data transfer.

Some providers have also locked user out without them being able to get their website backups.

So, we recommend to research properly if you want to buy domain and hosting yourself.

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Pricing Plans

Our Prices are Lowest in India.


₹ 750 /month

  • Monthly maintenance
  • Regular Plugins Updates
  • 1 MySQL Database


Graphic Design

₹ 50 /design

  • Facebook Post
  • Instagram Post
  • Twitter Post
  • YouTube Thumbnails
  • Stories Posts etc.


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